Does My Door Need to be Replaced?



If you feel like it may need to, your intuition may be correct.

But just to make sure, read on to find out if your door needs to be replaced!

Top 3 reasons your door may need to be replaced.

1. Your Door is Out of Style and Needs an Upgrade

If your doors are older, or have been there for many years, chances are that the architectural trends in your area have changed. If you’re looking to add value to your home and draw in potential buyers, investing in a new door can offer a lot of value.

2. Air is Getting Through Your Door Creating a Draft

We know that electrical bills can be expensive, with air making its way through or under your door, those bills will skyrocket. Many homeowners begin experiencing this cold draft in their home through the front door because it is old. If this is something you are dealing with you will also begin experiencing higher energy bills, most notably in the fall and winter.

3. Your Door has Insect, Mold, or Other Damage

Whether it be storms, the sun, or insects, these all can create extensive damage to your front door. If you notice your door has been affected by any of these, you should get your door replaced as soon as you can. Not only will it keep you and your family safe from future unruly weather, but it will also give your home an exterior facelift.

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