How a Door is Fabricated


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How a Door is Fabricated: Interior vs. Exterior Doors

The fabrication of a door differs depending on its’ purpose. There are many reasons interior and exterior doors vary so widely in their makeup, including materials, insulation, and general appearance, and here are a few:

Difference #1

Interior doors are often made using one singular material such as wood or fiberboard. This is because their purpose is more for appearance and aesthetic rather than to protect and provide safety like exterior doors.

Difference #2

Exterior doors are usually thicker and heavier due to the additional reinforcement required to provide structural integrity for outdoor use . These heavier materials can include fiberglass, steel, and/or a metal frame.

Difference #3

Exterior doors have insulation built-in, while interior doors tend to have a hollow space inside. This insulation is used to help keep energy costs down by trapping warm or cool air from escaping your home.

Besides these larger differences, interior and exterior doors are built in several ways to provide specific benefits.

Interior Door Builds

  • Solid Core
  • Hollow Core
  • Solid Stile and Rail
  • Carved MDF

Exterior Door Builds

  • Solid Core Flush
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood Panel
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