How To Hang A Wreath On A Door: 7 No Damage Methods


Many people feel like it’s a waste of money to hire someone to hang a wreath on your front door.

I’m one of those many people.

The reason is, it’s not that hard to hang a wreath yourself, which is exactly why I’m going to show you how to do it in this article!

Imagine how great your front door would look with a bright, festive Christmas wreath or door wreath, and best of all, you won’t have to worry about any damage or ugly marks.

You might be wondering how to pull this off. Well, there are several easy ways to make sure your door and door frame stays perfect. You can use a pretty ribbon, hook the wreath onto your existing door knocker, or even try a magnetic hook if your door is metal. Each of these options is easy to use and won’t mess up your door. Plus, you can switch out your decorations without any hassle.

Want to find out the best way to hang your wreath without harming your door? Let’s dive into these ideas together.

1. Use Ribbon Loops


You can easily hang up your wreath by using the ribbon method, which involves threading a ribbon through the middle and hanging it over your door. Pick a ribbon that looks great with both your wreath and your door to really make it stand out! Just drape the ribbon ends over the top of the door and adjust it so the wreath hangs just right, at a nice height where everyone can see it.

To keep it in place, just tie a knot or a bow on the inside of the door—a little flair on the inside never hurts, right?

If your door tends to open and close a lot—like, as often as a teenager’s moods change—maybe stick the ribbon down on the inside to keep the wreath from swinging around too much. It’s a simple touch, but it makes your door look great and stay practical!

2. Hang It On Your Front Door Knocker


You can easily hang your wreath using the door knocker if you have one. Just grab a strong ribbon or string, loop it through your wreath, and tie it around the knocker. Make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t fall off when you open or close the door.

This way is super simple because you don’t need any special tools. It also makes sure your wreath is right at eye level where everyone can see it. Just be sure to check that the ribbon or string is strong enough, especially if your wreath is a bit heavy. You definitely don’t want it crashing down!

Plus, it’s quick to do, so you can get back to enjoying some eggnog and cookies in no time.

Alternatively, you can use a wreath hanger, which offers easy installation and protects your door surface.

3. Hang It On Your Letterbox


If you don’t have a door knocker, using the letterbox is a great wreath hanging method. It’s really simple—just take a ribbon or some strong string and thread it through the back of the wreath. Make sure it hangs evenly.

Then, pull the ribbon ends through the letterbox and tie a knot on the inside. Position it high enough so it doesn’t interfere with your mail. This way, you avoid any damage to your door and your wreath looks great for everyone to see.

Give it a try! It’s a quick way to get your door looking festive without any fuss.

4. Hang It With A Magnetic Wreath Hook


If you’ve got a glass or metal door and don’t want to drill holes, a magnetic wreath hanger is a great choice. It holds strong and you won’t damage your door. Just put one magnet hook on each side of the door so they line up. The magnets will do their job and keep everything in place.

Now, just hang up your wreath and you’re good to go! Just remember to check that the hook is strong enough for your wreath’s weight. You wouldn’t want it falling off!

And when you’re done with it, taking it down is super easy—no mess left behind at all.

5. Hang It With Command Strips


Hanging wreaths is super easy with Command Strips, and the best part? No damage to your door.

First off, make sure the door is clean and dry. Then, just peel off the backing of the Command Strip and stick it on the door. Press it down for about 30 seconds. There you go—a strong hold, no mess, no hassle.

Next up, attach the hook part of the Command Strip to the one you just put on the door. Now, all you have to do is hang your wreath on the hook.

These strips are great because they stick well but also come off easily without messing up your door. When it’s time to take it down, just pull the tab slowly. It’s super simple—like magic, but without any of the mess!

6. Hang It Over the Door


Wreath hangers make it super easy to hang up your wreath without any mess or marks on your door. Just hook it over the top of your door and bam, you’re all set to show off your holiday spirit!

These hangers come in lots of different colors and styles, so you can pick one that looks great with your door or wreath. They’re also really budget-friendly. You don’t need to spend a lot to make your front door welcoming.

And when it’s time to take it down, just pull it off—no hassle, no mess. Isn’t that awesome?

7. Hang It With Suction Hooks


To hang your wreath on a uPVC or glass door without any marks, just use a suction hook. Here’s how to do it:

Clean both the door and the suction cup because any dirt can make the hook slip.

Wet the suction cup a bit to help it stick better—think of it like wetting an envelope seal, but it actually works better.

Push it firmly onto the door and give it a quick pull to make sure it’s stuck on there good.

Then, just hang your wire wreath form on the hook. Be mindful not to damage the door frame while setting up your display.

There you go! Your door looks great without any hassle.

Just be sure to check how much weight the hook can handle so your wreath doesn’t fall off unexpectedly.


So, there you have it! Now you know how to hang a wreath on a door, and you’ve got all the tricks you need to hang wreaths without any fuss.

Whether you tie ribbons like a pro, cleverly use your door knocker, or grab some handy tools like magnetic hooks and Command Strips, putting up your wreath is going to be super easy.

No more worrying about damaging your door. Get ready to impress your neighbors with a front door that looks absolutely fantastic!

For an extra touch, consider adding fairy lights above your mantel along with your wreath to create a festive ambiance.

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