How to Open a Door


Look, you’re not getting inside without it, but you’re also not getting outside without it, so unless you know what you’re doing here, you’re gonna stay right where you are.

Of course I’m referring to the action of opening a door: possibly one of the most important actions we can learn as human beings.

Don’t let pesky unopened doors keep you from achieving your dreams, we’re here to help you be the hero your family and friends know you can be.

Opening a door might seem simple, but there’s actually a bit more to it when you think about it.

First off, make sure you’re at the right door by checking out any signs around. Once you know you’re in the right place, take a look at how the door opens. Does it have a knob, a lever, or maybe a pull handle? This article focuses on the various methods to unlock a door without a key, using everyday objects or specialized tools. How you handle these parts isn’t just about manners; it also affects the door and what’s around it.

So, when you open a door, you’re not just getting to where you need to go; you’re also thinking about things like how easy it is for everyone to use and how secure it is.

Identify The Door

identify the door

Finding the right door is the first step to getting into the room you need. When you’re looking for it, start by spotting a door (bedroom or bathroom door, it doesn’t matter) that’s shut and seems to be the one you’re aiming for. This might sound simple, but making sure you’re at the right door is key to avoid bothering anyone or making mistakes.

Check for any labels, signs, or numbers on the door that match the info you have. If a door is already open, you can skip it because it doesn’t need to be opened again. Once you confirm you’ve found the right closed door, you’re all set to go ahead and open it.

Locate the Knob or Handle

locate the knob or handle

Once you find the right door, the next step is to open it using the handle or knob. Different doors work in different ways, but they’re usually easy to use. This will typically be located near the center of the door slab itself, and it will connect to the door frame via a door latch.

If it’s a handle, you’ll probably need to push it down. For a knob, you’ll need to turn it. Make sure to hold it firmly but gently. You shouldn’t have to use a lot of force.

If the door isn’t budging, check to make sure it’s not locked. If the door lock is engaged, you might need additional methods to open the door, such as using a smart door lock system for electronic access or traditional methods like lock pick sets, bobby pins, credit cards, butter knives, screwdrivers, paperclips, drills, metal coat hangers, or cords with slipknots for manual locks. Forcing a locked door can just end up causing you trouble or even hurting you. Remember, the right way to handle the door will let you in without any hassle.

Twist the Knob or Handle to Unlock the Door

twist the knob or handle to unlock the door

Once you have successfully understood how the door mechanism works, the next step is to proceed with opening the door. Simply reach for the handle or knob, and carefully turn it in order to connect with the locking mechanism until it releases. This action allows the door to be unlocked and opened easily.

Push Or Pull The Entire Door

push or pull the entire door

Next, either push it open or pull it towards you, depending on how the door swings. Be sure to check which way it goes—pushing when you need to pull can give you quite the unexpected workout!

Once the door starts to move, keep pushing or pulling smoothly until there’s enough space for you to get through.

And don’t forget, after you’re in or out, make sure to leave the door just like you found it—either completely open or closed, depending on what it was like when you got there.


In short, learning how to open a door isn’t just about getting in; it’s also about treating each door well and being mindful.

Like they say, ‘when one door closes, another opens,’—but it’s on you to make the move. Just make sure you’re picking the right door, using the handle or knob the right way, and opening it smoothly.

If you’re looking to open a locked door, you may need to make use of a credit card or a coat hanger, just make sure it’s a door you’re actually allowed to pass through! You never want to open a locked door that would be illegal, we only want to open a door that we belong in, whether it has a lock or not.

Doing this helps you move from place to place easily, without messing up the door or losing your cool.

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