How to Open Up Your Door to the Backyard


Who doesn’t want more space for their backyard door entrance?

I don’t know!

Read on to learn more!

3 Tips to Open Up Your Backyard

1.Maximize the Light  (See Examples)

Supersizing windows and maximizing light is a great way to bring the outdoors in! Installing more windows or glass doors can really open up a space and make your backyard feel like it’s a part of the house and not a separate space.

2.Double Down on Double Doors (See Examples)

Want to make your wall more stylistic and not just windows and doors? Add some wall space and use double doors! Implementing these stylistic choices can not only help bring the outside light into a room, while still highlighting the traditional or modern look of your home.

3. Consider Different Materials  (See Examples)

Are you worried installing doors or windows will take away from the vintage or modern look of your home? Think about different materials! Wood panels give you the option of paint or keeping that rustic look, while metals (no matter the color) can enhance a modern feel while still providing that outdoor light.

Check Out Some Examples or Learn More

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