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Is Door Installation a DIY project?

If you’ve never tried installing a new door yourself, you may think it is a simple, straight-forward project, and anyone who had tried and failed themselves would agree. It seems simple enough.

For example, prehung doors come with predrilled holes for the handle and strike plate and comes with everything you need to replace the existing door except the tools. The packaging typically also includes a new jamb, hinges, moldings, screws and a latch.

Yet, even with all the right tools on-hand, one quickly realizes that there is a high level of precision needed in order to properly align and install a new door. There are many household projects that are worth learning how to do yourself. There are others that quite certainly should be left to the experts.

When it’s time to replace or upgrade your front door it is best to call a local door installer.

Features To Consider For an Entry Door

It’s easy to get drawn into the design and beauty of exterior doors, and you should find one that makes you proud and pleased when you pull up to your home every time. Delivering that “good to be home” feeling is the ultimate reward.

The front entrance to your home is a focal point that should be both inviting to guests and neighbors as well as serve as the threshold that protects your home from the outside world. A new front door is key to making the temperature and humidity of your home more comfortable. It is crucial for energy-use reduction. It is an investment that establishes safety and security.

The entry door is an essential component to the safety, energy-efficiency, and comfort of your household. We believe that selecting the right exterior door has to consider all these benefits along with how it looks.

As a statement piece for your curb appeal, any exterior door you chose should complement the architectural style of your home. For instance, a contemporary home with a white-washed brick exterior and high open foyer makes a statement with a 96” Mahogany entry door with a hammered glass inlay, sidelines and a 36”x24” awning transom to let the natural light pour in without sacrificing privacy.

But in the words of Michael Franco, “don’t lose sight of the single most important decision: the material your door will be made of.”

Source link: https://www.bobvila.com/articles/how-to-choose-an-entry-door/

The Most Important Factor of Exterior Doors

Each investment you make for your home is an important decision. The big decisions and long-term commitments take time to compare features and make a sound decision. Many people are comfortable researching which appliance is best suited for their lifestyle or what kind of flooring is ideal for their living environment, but the details that make a house a home are sometimes harder to nail down.

When it comes to deciding about exterior doors there are factors that will create immediate changes and other choices that won’t be apparent until years down the road. For example, making a quick decision might mean you didn’t realize that you will need to scrape and stain or paint a wood door every couple of years, or worse, the door material that you chose for durability doesn’t do much to regulate temperature and sound.

Taking time to know what are the differences between metal, wood, and fiberglass doors is the most important factor to weigh when choosing your entrance door. The different door materials will not only look and feel different, there are pros and cons to each style.

Get Started Choosing Your New Front Door

The front door shouldn’t be an after-thought or approached with the mindset that you can just swap it out if you don’t like it. It’s not that simple. When installed properly, a quality door can last decades.

To get a door to be perfectly aligned and square takes a carpenter’s skillset. Hiring a door installation company will save you time and the professional installation is worth it to get the front of your home upgraded in a couple of hours.

If you are looking for more information about what features are important when picking out a front door, we can personally highlight the different materials and their benefits to match your needs.

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