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Choosing the right patio door for your home is more than just a matter of aesthetic appeal; it’s a crucial decision that affects the functionality, energy efficiency, and overall comfort of your living space. The patio door serves as a transition point between your interior sanctuary and the great outdoors, and selecting the perfect size can enhance this threshold’s harmony and purpose. Whether you’re constructing a new home, renovating your space, or simply replacing an old patio door, understanding the nuances of sizing will steer you in the right direction.

Standard Patio Door Sizes

Most homes come with patio doors of standard sizes, which align with the openings pre-framed by builders who typically opt for cost and time efficiency. These standard sizes ensure that homeowners have access to a wide range of options without delving into the complexities of customization.

Here’s a breakdown of standard patio door sizes for both single, double, and triple door options:

Single Door Options:

  • Width: 32″ to 36″
  • Height: 80″ to 96″

Double Door Options:

These size ranges should provide a good reference point for selecting patio doors based on specific space requirements.

  • Width: 5′ to 6′ (60″ to 72″)
  • Height: 80″ to 96″

Triple Door Options:

  • Width: 9′
  • Height: 80″ to 96″

Understanding these commonly used dimensions lays the foundation for choosing a door that melds your home’s existing framework.

Custom Patio Door Sizes

When standard sizing doesn’t quite fit the bill, or you crave a touch more personality and tailoring in your space, custom patio door sizes become an attractive avenue. Options like wood patio doors rise to the forefront due to their customizability, allowing homeowners to adapt doors precisely to their unique architectural whims.

While fiberglass and steel doors offer a modicum of custom options, they’re not as versatile as wood concerning dimension variability. If your heart is set on non-standard sizes or specific design features, consider the material of your door as a starting point for the customization process.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Patio Door Sizes

Selecting the proper door size doesn’t stop at merely fitting a gap in your wall; one must also account for the architectural style, design, available space, and functional requirements.

  • Architectural Style and Design: The visual harmony of your door with your home’s overall look is paramount.
  • Available Space and Layout: Assessing the room’s layout ensures that the door complements rather than disrupts the flow of the space.
  • Functional Requirements: Consider the expected traffic flow and accessibility needs, which will influence the dimension of the patio door necessary for convenient passage.

Do custom-size patio doors cost more?

It depends on the patio door replacement company you’re working with. For several reasons, most companies order doors from suppliers so that custom-size patio doors can cost more.

  1. Materials and Labor: Custom-sized doors require additional materials and labor compared to standard sizes. Manufacturers may need to source or customize materials specifically, leading to higher production costs.
  2. Specialized Manufacturing: Producing custom-sized doors often requires specialized manufacturing processes and equipment, adding to the overall cost of production.
  3. Complexity and Precision: Custom doors may involve more complexity and precision in measurements, design, and installation. This can increase engineering and customization efforts, contributing to higher costs.
  4. Limited Economies of Scale: Standard-sized doors benefit from economies of scale in production, as they are manufactured in larger quantities. Due to their unique specifications, custom-sized doors may not enjoy the same cost advantages.

However, at Your New Door, we fabricate and install our doors, so our prices are typically more competitive than contractors that buy from 3rd parties.

Steps for Measuring Patio Door Sizes

Armed with a tape measure and a notepad, the measuring process marks your first concrete stride toward choosing the right door. Stand within the door frame and measure from the left to the right side and then from the top of the door frame to the floor. Don’t forget to allow space for the door’s opening and closing arc, an oft-overlooked detail that can differentiate between seamless operation and spatial constraints.

What Does Rough Opening Mean for Door Sizes?

The rough opening for door sizes refers to the framed opening in a wall that accommodates a door before the door unit is installed. It includes the vertical and horizontal framing members that form the structure of the doorway. The rough opening dimensions are typically larger than the actual door size to allow space for the door, frame, and any necessary adjustments during installation. This ensures the door unit fits appropriately and operates smoothly within the wall opening.

When determining the rough opening size for a door, it’s essential to consider factors such as the door type, frame dimensions, and any additional space needed for shimming, leveling, and ensuring proper clearances. This helps to ensure the door’s proper fit and functionality within the designated space.

The rough opening dimensions generally exceed the actual door size by a few inches in width and height to accommodate the door frame and provide space for adjustments during installation.

Choosing the Right Patio Door Size for Your Home

Balancing practicality with aesthetics, your patio door choice should reflect your needs, desires, and home’s character. Evaluate your priorities: expansive views, energy efficiency, or a distinctive style. Each decision will direct you towards a patio door size that complements your home and enhances its appeal.


The journey to selecting the right patio door size may be lined with detailed deliberations and measurements. Still, the destination—a home graced with the optimal balance of form and function—is rewarding.

So, as you ponder the panoramic potential of your home, remember that whether you choose a standardized size or a custom fit, your ultimate choice in patio door size will reverberate through your home’s look and feel for years to come.

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