Why Your Door Needs Sidelight Windows


Look, sidelites aren’t for everyone…

You really should only be considering them if you have a pretty large opening for your front door.

(To find this out, check out our guide on standard front door sizes)

If that’s you, read on!

What Are Sidelites and Why Should You Have Them?

What Are Sidelites?

Sidelites (or sidelights) are vertical, narrow windows on the sides of exterior doors (and sometimes interior as well). Many times, these windows are built into the frame of the door, but can also be installed separately.

Along with sidelights, transom windows are also installed in tandem with sidelights. Transom windows, (as shown in the image to the right), are long, narrow, horizontal windows above the door.

Why Should Your Next Door Include Sidelights?

More Natural Light: One of the biggest benefits of installing sidelight and transom windows are the increase in natural light. Windows give guests a sense of welcoming and openness, which is especially important in a gathering place such as the entryway.

Better Views: Besides bringing in more natural light, sidelights also can provide better views. They make it easier to spot guests as hey arrive, keep an eye out for that delivery you’re expecting, or (in the case of a back door), can always let you see that beautiful back yard you’ve been working on.

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