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With over 157 years of combined experience, Your New Door is rated as the #1 Murphy door company. If you want the best choice of all door companies Murphy has to choose from, you’ve found it.

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We’re experts in repair, replacement, and installation with both interior and exterior doors. We provide door repairs such as weatherstripping, sweeps, slabs, rot, thresholds, jambs, forced entry repair, and resets. We replace fiberglass, wood, iron, steel, patio, French, and sliding glass doors, and we create custom doors, pet doors, and window-to-door conversions.


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Learn About Our Door Services

Murphy Door Repair Services


We get it, we’re consumers too, which is why we help you save money by offering Murphy door repair (instead of making you replace them.) Our door repair services are all-encompassing, ensuring your home remains secure and weather-resistant, and whether it’s a minor fix or more complex issues like rot and threshold damage, with every door repair Murphy TX residents need, our team handles each job with as much care and professionalism as if it were our own home.

Door Reset

This is like a “tune-up” for your door: a door reset is typically the answer when your door is not functioning correctly due to settling or shifting of your home’s structure, which happens all the time with our soil around here. With our unmatched experience, we are experts at realigning doors, ensuring they open and close smoothly every time, without leaving you to worry about the security risks of a door gone wrong.

Threshold Replacement

It’s common to have issues with builder-grade thresholds, as thresholds bear the brunt of foot traffic and weather conditions, and just like jambs, they are typically built with super low quality wood that easily rots and cracks. Our threshold replacement service not only fixes the immediate problem, but also upgrades your doorway, adding to the overall appeal, convenience, and longevity of your home. Choose from dark bronze and satin aluminum!


Jamb Replacement

It’s not uncommon need jamb work done, as the door jamb is integral to the door’s structure and security, and most of the time builders put in very cheap wood just to get the home sold. Our jamb replacement services make sure that any damage from wear, weather, or forced entry is addressed with precision and effectiveness. With new composite jambs installed, your door’s integrity will be better than before, as it will never warp, rot, or crack again.

Forced Entry Repair

We hate that it’s even a thing, but in the unfortunate event of a break-in, our forced entry door repair services in Murphy are swift and efficient. We restore the security of your home, repairing or replacing damaged doors and hardware, ensuring your family’s safety and peace of mind. If the worst happens to you, make sure to give us a call right away so we can take care of you.

Weatherstripping Replacement

One of the most common calls we get is for weatherstripping issues, because it is supposed to be your first defense against weather elements. Our weatherstripping upgrade services make sure that your home remains insulated from drafts, dust, and water, saving you money on energy bills, and keeping your living space comfortable.

Murphy Door Replacement and Installation Services

Need a new door all together? At Your New Door, we provide the door replacement Murphy TX homeowners depend on, because door installation is more than just fitting a new door into a frame: it’s about finding the perfect door that enhances your home’s style and meets your family’s needs. Our door replacement and door installation services cover a wide range of options, from the stylish front door replacement Murphy homeowners love (as well as back doors), to practical interior doors, all installed with precision and care.


New Home Installation

Building a new home? Lucky you! Our team works alongside you to choose and install doors that align with your vision and the architectural style of your new home. From a grand new entry door installation Murphy residents can admire, to every individual interior door, we ensure each one adds to the overall aesthetic and function of your home. General contractors love to hire us for new exterior door installation Murphy homes will always need!

Door Replacement

Sometimes it’s just time to say “Goodbye” to an existing door, sad as it may be. When it’s time to replace an old or damaged door, our specialists will provide you with guidance on the best materials and styles to suit your home. Whether you’re upgrading for better security, energy efficiency, or simply for a new look, we make sure to give you the best possible door replacement in Murphy by making sure the project is completed flawlessly.


Your New Door is ready to help you with your door right now! Get your free quote TODAY!

Emergency Door Solutions in Murphy


Door emergencies do happen, and in times of urgent need, Your New Door is here to provide local emergency door solutions. Whether it’s damage from a storm, or an unexpected break-in, our team is prepared to get to you as soon as possible, ensuring your home’s security and your peace of mind are restored quickly and efficiently.

Same Day Door Repairs

While our schedules are typically completely booked for the same day, we understand that some door issues can’t wait. That’s why we offer same-day door repair services in Murphy, as long as we have a technician in the area. Our quick response team is always ready to fix any urgent door problems, ensuring that your door is back to functioning correctly in no time.

Additional Services We Offer

When we say “complete door services“, we mean it. Beyond repairs and installations, our home improvement professionals offer a range of additional services to complement your home’s doors.


Murphy Window To Door Conversions

One of the most liberating projects you can give yourself is converting a space that has windows into a magnificent portal to the outside world. We’re experts at taking windows and turning them into functioning patio doors.

Convert Door With Sidelites to Double Door

Does your front door have sidelites, but you’d prefer to have a double door for added airflow and an easier time transporting large objects in and out of the home? This is the perfect solution for you, and we do it all the time!


Door Painting

It’s clear that a fresh coat of paint can transform the look of your door and, by extension, your home. Our professional door painting services are completed at our local facility in a climate controlled booth to give you the highest quality finish, all just to revitalize your entryway, adding curb appeal and complementing your home’s exterior design.

Pet Door Installation Murphy Relies On

For Murphy pet owners, a pet door is a convenient addition to your home. Our pet door installation services provide a safe and secure way for your furry family members to go outside and inside, offering you and your pets greater freedom and convenience.


Custom Door Creation

One of the best ways to express your personality with your home is through custom doors, and Your New Door excels in creating custom doors that are unique to you. Whether it’s an interior or exterior door, we create the custom doors Murphy homeowners love, because they are designed to match your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect blend of function, style, and security.

Why We Are Chosen

We’re door specialists (we don’t do anything besides residential doors) with over 157 years of combined experience!

Trust Transformed

We're not just installing a new door or repairing an existing one; we're opening a long-term relationship with personalized, attentive service that understands your unique needs and concerns.

Community Commitment

As locals, we share a bond with our clients; we see each project as an opportunity to enhance our neighborhood's safety, aesthetics, and comfort, helping everybody.

Integrity Ingrained

Your confidence is our foundation. We operate with complete transparency, open communication, and a commitment to doing what's right for you, your home, and our community, every step.

What We Specialize In

All we do is doors, and our specialization extends beyond standard door services. We pride ourselves on handling a wide range of door types and materials, as well as fixing common door issues with expertise, convenience, and longevity. From custom door solutions, to dealing with intricate door problems, our team’s proficiency covers every aspect of door services.

Types of Doors and Materials

Unfortunately, door projects are not “one-size-fits-all”, and understanding different door types and materials is key to our specialization. We cater to all types of openings in homes, including both exterior and interior doors made from various materials. Our team’s deep knowledge ensures that every door, whether it’s a robust fiberglass exterior door, or an elegant wood interior door, is handled with the expertise it deserves.


Murphy Exterior Doors (Front, Back, and Side)

We all know the exterior doors Murphy homes have are more than just entry points; they’re the smile of your home, especially a new front door. We specialize in providing the residential entry doors Murphy TX people love with a variety of front, back, and side doors:


Sleek and modern fiberglass doors, known for their durability and energy efficiency, are the most popular option for home entrance doors Murphy residents choose. We provide installation and repair services for fiberglass doors, ensuring they continue to offer superior insulation and aesthetics. We use Plastpro for our fiberglass doors.


Elegant wood doors bring a classic, timeless appeal. Our expertise in the wood home entry doors Murphy homeowners love includes both installation and repair, ensuring they retain their beauty and functionality over time.


Classic iron doors are synonymous with security and elegance, and we specialize in installing and repairing iron doors, ensuring they remain as robust and visually appealing as the day they were installed. Just make sure you choose a front door company Murphy dwellers can rely on because these aren’t an easy project!


Typical steel doors are usually what builders use just to get the home sold, but not to last for a long time, so these days they are not recommended as they can dent easily, they transfer heat easily, and the wooden components can still rot. We provide completes services for steel doors, from replacement to repairs, ensuring your home remains secure and well-insulated.

Murphy sliding doors

Get the beautiful sliding patio doors Murphy  dwellers choose which blend functionality with an aesthetic appeal, and our team ensures these doors operate smoothly and maintain their allure, offering replacement services when needed. The sliding glass doors Murphy TX residents love are one of the most common types of exterior door replacement Murphy homeowners choose because of the transformation it brings to your home.

Murphy Patio Doors

Getting the highest quality patio door replacement Murphy homeowners can rely on is vital for seamless indoor-outdoor living, which is why we install and repair patio doors, ensuring they enhance your home’s convenience and style.


We provide the French doors Murphy residents choose most often because of their ability to let more air flow through. Whether you need a Murphy wood French door or any other type of double entry doors Murphy dwellers depend on, we’ve got the solution for you.

Interior Doors

Interior doors can’t be neglected because they play a crucial role in defining the character and privacy of your room in your home. We’ll take care of any interior doors Murphy residents need, no matter the type. If you need the interior door installation Murphy homes require, here is some more information:

Hollow Core

Hollow core doors are typically used for bedrooms and bathrooms, as they are lightweight and cost-effective. Our team can install and repair these doors, ensuring they serve their purpose without compromising on quality. Hollow core is the most common type of interior door Murphy homes feature.

Solid Core

Solid core doors are most often used for entrances into the home from the garage because offer better sound insulation and durability, though you can use them anywhere in your house. We specialize in fitting and maintaining these doors, enhancing the comfort and functionality of your home’s interior.

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Common Door Issues We Handle in Murphy

With the climate and soil we have here in Murphy, we address a very wide range of common door issues. From simple fixes to more complex repairs, our team is equipped to handle problems that affect the operation and security of your doors.

Wood Rot

By far the worst thing you can see on your door, wood rot can compromise the integrity of your door system, and if left too long, it will spread into your walls and floors, exponentially increasing the amount of damage to your home. Our specialists are skilled in identifying and removing door wood rot, increasing the life of your door system, while protecting your wallet from hidden surprise projects.


Door Not Latching, Locking, Opening, or Closing Easily

Trust us, we know that doors that you struggle to latch, lock, open, or close can be a major hassle, we see it all the time. We diagnose and fix these issues, making your doors a breeze to open and close, and giving you peace of mind that your family and belongings are secure inside.


A crooked door can be a symptom of things like loose or overtightened hinges, foundation settling, and more. We first find out what the source of the issue is, fix it, and then show you how your door now hangs correctly and operates smoothly.


Misalignment can prevent doors from functioning correctly by causing your door to collide with either the floor, the wall, or even another door. We realign doors, typically with a door reset, ensuring they fit perfectly within their frames like the smooth operators they are meant to be.


Sagging doors are not good, both for our eyes, but also for our security and energy efficiency. Our repair team will fix the issue in the most inexpensive way possible, ensuring your door hangs evenly and swings without skipping a beat.


Swelling in doors, often caused by humidity, will cause issues like doors getting stuck, deadbolts not operating properly, and more. If possible, we’ll adjust your swollen door to make it work properly again, but many times the swelling indicates water damage which sooner or later must turn into a replacement.


Contractions in doors, especially in colder climates like we get every so often here in Murphy, can lead to gaps and drafts, and most commonly deadbolts not fitting properly. We address contracting doors typically with a reset, ensuring they fit snugly and insulate effectively. Many times, contracted doors will work themselves out when the temperature goes back up, as long as the door is properly aligned to begin with.

Air, Water, or Bug Intrusion

The entire point of exterior doors is to keep the outside…outside. Intrusion of air, water, or bugs indicates a compromise in a door’s sealing, and we typically consider this an urgent fix, as the damage that can be caused increases the longer you leave this unaccounted for. Our team fixes these issues, enhancing the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.


Threshold Damage

Your door’s threshold is so important, and threshold damage can affect your door’s functionality and the home’s insulation. We repair and replace damaged thresholds, ensuring a secure and weather-tight seal.


A loose threshold is never fun, it can be a safety hazard and reduce energy efficiency, and you can feel it every time to you step through your door. Our repair services ensure thresholds are securely attached and functional.


Cracked thresholds happen sometimes, especially with builder-grade thresholds, and they can compromise the door’s integrity. We provide efficient threshold replacement services, restoring the appearance and functionality of your door.

Slab Damage

Slab damage is common, but it can diminish a door’s appearance and function. Our repair services address these issues, restoring the door’s aesthetics and integrity.


Holes in door slabs (no matter how they got there) can be unsightly, and they kind of nullify the use of any locks on the door. Once the door has been broken in that way, the integrity is pretty much completely compromised, and it’s time to consider a new one.

Damaged Finish

A damaged finish is unfortunately just an eye-sore. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not going to cause damage to your home (maybe your ego), but if you’re ready to make your door match the rest of your beautiful home, we’re ready to help you replace it.


Get A Custom Door Murphy Would Be Proud Of

We’d have the easiest job in the world if all doors and desires were the same, but they’re not, and Your New Door is not just about repairs and installations; we excel in providing custom door solutions. Whether you need a bespoke design for an interior or exterior door, our team works with you to create a door that perfectly matches your vision and accentuates your home’s architecture.

Custom Interior Doors

Bedazzle your guests with our custom interior doors that are designed to match your unique style and personality. Whether you’re looking for a specific material, style, or size, our team crafts doors that seamlessly integrate with your home’s interior.


Custom Exterior Doors

Make your Murphy home’s smile beam with a distinct look for your exterior, our custom exterior doors are the perfect solution for anybody looking to make their home really pop. From modern to traditional designs, we create doors that not only enhance your home’s curb appeal, but also provide the desired level of security and insulation that you and your family both want and need.

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Did you know Murphy, located in Collin County, is a rapidly growing suburban city known for its high-quality housing and strong sense of community? Murphy’s blend of suburban comfort and proximity to urban amenities makes it attractive for families. The city’s annual Maize Days Festival highlights its community spirit with live music, food, and family-oriented activities.

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Residential Door Services Pricing, Free Quotes, and Discounts in Murphy

How Do We Price?

Two questions:

How much damage is there?

Is this a long-term or short-term fix?

How Do I Get A Quote?

1. Call us for a free consultation.

2. Send in photos of the damage.

3. Receive quote over-the-phone!

Special Offers / Promos?

Call today and ask us about discounts for law enforcement, first responders, teachers, and veterans! We thank you for your service to our community!

Your New Door's Residential Door Services Satisfaction Commitment

Customer Service and Contact Info

With every Residential Door Services project, our #1 priority is giving you a 5-star experience, as outstanding customer service is reason for our reputation.

After-Service Support and Warranties

Our first Residential Door Services project is only the beginning of our relationship, let us know however we can make your life easier.

All work comes with a 1-year labor warranty. Call us to see which projects come with a lifetime warranty.

Residential Door Services in Murphy - Environmental Responsibility

Your New Door understands that the choices we make today shape the world we live in tomorrow. That’s why we are committed to not only upgrading your homes, but also to a more sustainable future. Our range of eco-friendly products is designed with the planet in mind, ensuring that environmental responsibility is at the heart of every product we offer.

Residential Door Services Eco-Friendly Options

Discover a greener way to enhance your property with our eco-friendly options. These products don’t just look good; they do good. By choosing eco-friendly Residential Door Services options, you’re not just selecting an entrance; you’re making a statement about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

Murphy  and Energy Efficiency

Our selection is engineered to provide superior insulation, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your heating and cooling costs. This means not only will you be making a choice that benefits your wallet, but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint, which is investing in a more energy-efficient, sustainable future.

Door Maintenance Tips

Extending the Life of Your Doors

Saving money is great for everybody,  and we don’t want you to change your doors if they don’t need to be changed. Inspect your doors periodically, especially the seals, to ensure you get the longest possible time out of your doors before you need to call us.

DIY Maintenance Advice

If you have wood doors, just paint or stain them every 2 years or so, especially if they get direct sunlight or rain exposure. With fiberglass or iron doors, there’s no maintenance necessary. Replace steel once dented or rotted.

Our Team

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Graphic Designer

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Operations Manager

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Grace Robbins - Dispatch Manager

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Custom Door Fabricator

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Thomas Lagard - Production Manager

Thomas Lagard

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Residential Door Services in Your New Door's First-Class Fabrication Facility 

YourNewDoor.com is headquartered in a 15,000 square foot facility housed in Irving, Texas. We are lucky to have a spacious area to create and showcase our product lines to those who come our way.

Custom Craftsmanship

Our comprehensive control in crafting custom solutions delivers distinct designs, directly tailored to your home's unique personality.

Consistent Care

Every project demonstrates our dedication to durability and detail, thanks to our thorough quality control in every moment.

Swift Service

Speedy creation straight from our site ensures swift supply of superior products, significantly shortening wait times.

Painless Process

From the first pencil sketch to the final placement, our team provides a personalized, painless process for perfecting your property's portal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Services

Do you need to come to my home to give me an estimate?

Nope! That’s what seperates us from most contractors! We don’t make you take time out of your busy day to host us at your kitchen table as we give you a long, drawn-out pitch to convince you to buy that same day. You simply send us a couple of photos, we diagnose the issue, give you a quote over a quick 10 minute phone call, and you call us back whenever you’re ready!

Do you work on commercial doors?

Unfortunately, at the current moment we do not offer commercial doors repairs or replacements, we focus solely on residential. As the #1 local company for residential door services, our goal is to ensure we can keep giving you a 5-star experience by continuing to hone our craft on what we do best: residential doors!

What's the difference between interior doors and exterior doors?

Interior doors typically face less wear and tear, so it’s common for them to be less expensive with hollowed out centers, called “hollow core doors”. Exterior doors protect you from the elements, especially heat and cold, so they typically have a solid core (many times it’s wood) for thermal insulation. Additionally, exterior doors commonly come with with a substantial veneer layer to provide insulation and safeguard against weather-related damage.

Is it better to fix a door or replace it?

We always try to help you save money by fixing your door, but sometimes it’s just beyong repair. Ideally, call us as soon as you think there may be a problem, as that would give us the time to catch the damage while it’s still a repair before it becomes a replacement job. Any issue that compromises your home’s security, causes damage to the interior, or diminishes the exterior attractiveness warrants considering a new door.

What are the most common door repair services?

We are a comprehensive door service company, which means we can and will get your door to it’s ideal state, no matter what you need or want done. With that being said, these are the most common door repair services we provide:

  • Weatherstripping and sweep repair – if your seals around the door are just outdated or worn out, we can reseal your door with new weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Threshold replacement – If your threshold is sagging, cracked, or just not sealing, we’ll first try to fix it by repairing the door sweep/bottom, but if that’s impossible, the threshold replacement will fix this, and it comes with a new door bottom anyway, as well as a door trimming if necessary.
  • Door reset – when your door is misaligned, we remove the door from the frame, loosen the frame from the studs, insert wood shims where necessary to get the door square, level, and plumb again, and then reassemble it all with new seals. The “door tune-up.”
  • Jamb replacement – Basically the same as the door reset, with the added bonus of replacing your old wood jamb with a newer composite one, this is perfect when your jamb is rotted or cracked. 
  • Forced entry repair – if just the latch side of your jamb has been broken from a break in, we can save you money by only replacing that piece of would to get your home secure again.

What kind of doors do you replace?

We will replace all types of doors, interior and exterior, with any existing material, as long as they are residential. As far as what we will replace them with, we offer fiberglass doors (our most popular by far), wood doors, iron doors, or sliding glass doors. We will remove steel doors, but we will not provide new steel doors, simply because they typically don’t meet our standards of excellence. 

We also create custom doors, as well as pet doors!

Do I need planning permission to change a window into patio doors?

Generally, transforming a window into patio doors does not require planning permission. However, it’s definitely advised to review the initial planning approval to confirm if any specific conditions were imposed. Additionally, compliance with building regulations might be necessary for this type of alteration.

Complete Residential Door Services Near Me In Murphy, TX

Contact Your New Door if you want the best residential door company in Murphy, Texas. We are rated #1 because we have over 157 years of combined experience in replacement, repair, and installation with both exterior and interior doors. If you need door repairs such as sweeps, weatherstripping, rot, slabs, jambs, thresholds, resets, and forced entry repair, call us. We’re experts in replacing wood, fiberglass, steel, iron, French, patio, and sliding glass doors, and we create pet doors, custom doors, and window-to-door conversions.